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Seagrasses are flowering plants that can form dense underwater meadows and are an important shallow water habitat.
Maintaining Marine and Coastal Ecosystem
Marine ecosystem is now under serious threat as non-biodegradable trash and debris, much of which comes from plastic and fishing nets, have been dumped by the influential quarters in the Bay of Bengal due to lack of surveillance of the authority concerned
Bangladesh has not yet shown any visible performance to cope with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to conserve marine resources and to earn benefit from them
The country can meet its huge demand for electricity from ocean energy to be produced from tidal, wave and current otherwise known as Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).
Thirty-five million littoral people remain socio-economically neglected despite presence of huge development opportunities at coastal belt.
Indiscriminate anchoring of tourist boats and fishing vessels is gradually damaging the coral reefs, changing the dynamics along with posing threat to the country's lone coral Island Saint Martin's
The flora and fauna of Sundarbans is at stake due to the increased salinity in the south-west coastal region, which is ultimately damaging the forest ecosystem, say experts and environmentalists.
Bangladesh has a bright prospect to earn huge foreign currency by exporting mud crabs as their demand in the global market is booming up. Its farming has also been expanding fast as an industry in the coastal districts
Sea turtles, critically jeopardized worldwide, are also in danger in Bangladesh due to illegal fishing and unsustainable tourism. It is also creating negative influence on biodiversity, Marine Specialists said.

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