The underwater world of Saint Martin

By Gazi Anowar , 2017-08-09 06:03:49

Photographer Sharif Sarwar has pioneered the art of underwater photography in the country. A fascinating collection of his images of Saint Martin island were on display recently (June 15-18) at Drik Gallery.
What is it about Saint Martin that continues to beckon him? “Saint Martin is the largest coral island in Bangladesh. It's a slightly elongated, mostly oval shaped island. I tried to take photographs beneath the water surface of the island and it was an amazing experience,” said photographer Sharif Sarwar.
In his words, “My main aim is to reveal the rich biodiversity of the island which is under constant threat. The beautiful underwater world is being destroyed by the irresponsible behaviour of humans. Most of the corals are dying due to 3,000 trawlers and speedboats that ply over it. These corals are severely damaged due to the anchoring of these huge trawlers on the island. Another cause is that the water is being polluted due to the heavy influx of tourists. I observed many varieties and manifold coloured fishes, rare underwater animals which are magnificent.”
Sharif began his career in 1995 as a freelance photographer. “I was amazed by the wonders of the underwater world. Its endless horizon never ceases to amaze me. On the other hand its degrading biodiversity depresses me. Let's not destroy the stunning underwater ecosystem.”
Mustafa Kamal and Sanjida Sharmin presented the programme.