Dr. Mohammed Anisuzzaman Khan is a nature scientist and contributed his academic research towards framing the management of wetlands, river and marine natural resources of Bangladesh. In various capacities he framed the policy of wetlands, water and biodiversity (Agenda-21, NCS, NBSAP, BCCAP, MDG, SDG, Aichi and Delta Plan) and guided government in implementation of those policy into action. He served IUCN and Government of Dubai and guided the programme of Ramsar, CBD, UNFCC and CBD at national level. At present he is advisor of Karnaphuli, Halda, Sangu, Ichamati and Dhaleshwari rivers ecological study of BIWTA, BUET, Isabela Foundation and IWM. He has clear vision about the aquatic biological diversity of the rivers of Bangladesh. He served Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) as protected area planner of Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge Project and did the baseline biodiversity survey, identified the location of PA, prepared the establishment and management plan of PA on behalf of SODEV and Agri-consulting.


·  Life Member, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), India

·  Member, Mote Marine Lab.,  USA

·  Member IUCN/CEM

·  Life Member, Wildlife Society of Bangladesh

·  Founder President, Nature Conservation Movement (NACOM)

·  Life Member, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, USA

·  Founder Member, Bangladesh National Biodiversity Group (BNBG)/IUCN

·  Founder General Secretary and Executive Director,Prokrity O Jibon Foundation

· Founder Vice President and Chief Adviser, Isabela Foundation


EMPLOYER 1       FROM: October, 2018     TO: Till Date

Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib Safari Park     Wildlife Specialist

Preparing Master Plan for the Safari Park

EMPLOYER 2       FROM: August 2018        TO: Till date

Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project        Biodiversity Conservation Officer

Establish and management River Sanctuary in the River Padma

EMPLOYER 3       FROM: August 2017        TO: December 2017

Isabela Foundation/Ministry of Fisheries and livestock/Bangladesh Navy        Chief Scientist

Inventorying Biological diversity of Swatch of No-Ground, Bay of Bengal for developing long term management strategy of SDG-14 and Blue economy. Prepared project proposal for Bangladesh Marine Resources Use and conservation. Organized 3 expeditions at Swatch of No Ground, Bay of Bengal as Chief Scientist

EMPLOYER 4       FROM: August 2017        TO: December 2017

BRAC University and UNDP         Ecologist, Study on Halda River Ecological Project funded by UNDP

Conducted study on the ecology of the river Halda to learn the present state of river biodiversity for developing long term management plan of Halda river aqautic resources with priority in Rui breeding biology.

EMPLOYER 5       FROM: April 2017             TO: August 2017

Institute of Water Modelling/ RPGCL/Petrobangla

Ecologist,Conduct baseline biodiversity survey of LNG terminal EIA project  in Sonadia island

Identify the biodiversity conservation significance of the project area. Identify the potential environmental impacts of project intervention. Assess the cumulative impacts of other projects on the environment. Suggest mitigation measure of dredging, land filling, shipping and other major activities of LNG port. Prepare EMP and Biodiversity Monitoring Plan

EMPLOYER 6       FROM: July 2015               TO: April 2016

Agri-Consulting, Italy, SODEV Consult International Limited.         Protected Area Planner

Conducted Biodiversity Baseline Survey; Selection of sites for Protected Area (PA); Establishment of PA; Prepared PA management and Operation plan. Identify suitable location of protected area (PA) to develop sanctuary. Plan and design Sanctuary.Prepare Sanctuary Establishment plan and management and monitoring plan and reports. Tourism planning and awareness raising activities. Responsible for relevant training program.

EMPLOYER 7       FROM: January 2014       TO: July 2015

Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of Bangladesh/GEF/UNDP         Senior Biodiversity Consultant,Updating and mainstreaming National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) Project

Prepared 5th National Report of Bangladesh for Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Organized National and regional Consultation Workshop. Reviewed and edited 16 reports produced by IUCN, on Policy Review, Ecosystem valuation, Technological capacity needs, Financial resources mobilization, clearing house mechanisms and Stock taking of biodiversity. Preparation of Bangladesh National targets in line with Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Updating the NBSAP. Wrote special Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan for Chittagong Hill Tracts.

EMPLOYER 8       FROM: February 2014    TO: August 2014

Ministry of Environment and Forest/World Bank               Project proposal Specialist, Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Protection of Wildlife Project

Prepared Window 1 and 2 project proposal for World bank; Prepared project for Protected Area Management. Prepared guiding documents for ESIA. Monitoring and evaluation of project performances. Organized training in PA and Biodiversity Management

EMPLOYER 9       FROM: 2013        TO: Till now

Biodiversity World Foundation   Chairperson

A non-profit company dealing in biodiversity conservation

EMPLOYER 10    FROM: 2012        TO: 2012

IUCN, Bangladesh            Consultant

Prepared Sundarbans vision 2050 document (Biodiversity and Nature Tourism Component)

EMPLOYER 11    FROM: 2011                        TO: 2011

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies/EU      Natural Resources Specialist, Climate Resilience adaptation and Conservation of Sundarbans Buffer zone of both Bangladesh and India

Prepared Project Implementation Plan (PIP), Wrote inception report; Prepared Project Operation and Management Plan (POMP); Prepared Environmental Health and safety protocol for the project.

EMPLOYER 12    FROM: 2009        TO: 2011

Cannel I

Team Leader and Ecologist, Production and broadcast of 56 episodes nature, biodiversity and wildlife documentary. Establish Prokrity of Jibon Foundation

Anchor, subject matter specialist and commentator

EMPLOYER 13    FROM: 2004        TO: 2009

Environment Department, Government of Dubai             Senior Nature Conservation Officer

Management of Biodiversity, Wildlife and Protected Areas of Dubai Acted as the Manager of the Protected Areas (a dozen) of Dubai Prepared Strategic Action Plan for Biodiversity Conservation And Sustainable Development for Dubai. Evaluated Environmental Impacts of all mega development projects of Dubai .Acts as the focal point of EHS programmes of Dubai and ensure the national and global EHS compliances. Prepared Plan for. Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) of PA s management plan implementation Acted as focal point of Ramsar, World Heritage, CITES and CBD conventions. Monitored Flamingos with satellite transmitter. Prepared guidelines for nature tourism in Dubai. Establish Nature and Cultural Tourism centres in Dubai. Established the web: www.wildlife.ae

EMPLOYER 14    FROM: 2002        TO: 2004

 IUCN-Bangladesh          Senior Programme officer

Managed IUCN Bangladesh Biodiversity Country Programme; Managed the Tiger and Elephant Projects; Worked as National Consultant in Sundarban Biodiversity Conservation Project (SBCP) of MoEF/Asian Development Bank; Acts as the EIA focal point; Monitoring and Evaluation of Sustainable Environment Management Programme of MoEF/UNDP/IUCN; Prepared and Published IUCN Red Data Book, Bengal tiger and Bio-ecological Zones. Prepared guidelines for Protected Area Network System in Bangladesh, Organized national and international workshop and training of biodiversity conservation

EMPLOYER 15    FROM: January 1999       TO: December 2001

Environment Department, Dubai, UAE   Environment Officer

Developed protected areas in mountain, desert and marine ecosystems, prepared wildlife and nature conservation rules and regulations.

Managed, developed, maintained, supported and/or coordinated environmental and sustainable development initiatives; Developed and sustained local partnerships with groups, organizations and agencies; Managed the day-to-day operations; Comply with monitoring and evaluation procedures and systems.

EMPLOYER 16    FROM: January 1998       TO: 1999

IUCN-, Bangladesh          Program Officer

Worked for preparation of national programme of threatened species and habitat conservation. Helped in preparation of National Conservation Strategy.

Assisted in the management in the form of project submissions, revisions and reallocations throughout the  project lifecycle of needs assessments, project design, budgeting,  implementation, monitoring; Liaises with government ministries, implementing partners; Controls the implementation of sub-project agreements and any parts of projects.

EMPLOYER 17    FROM: January 1997       TO: 1998

Al- Bustan  Zoological Garden, Sharjah, UAE        Farm Manger

Prepared Management Plan for Captive Breeding of rare wild animals; arranging the maintenance and repair of farm buildings, machinery and equipment; planning activities for trainee staff, mentoring and monitoring them; ensuring that farm activities comply with government regulations.

EMPLOYER 18    FROM: January 1994       TO: December 1996

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)       Project Coordinator, Northeast Regional Environment Project/FAP-6

Prepared Ecological baseline of Haor basin, Prepared inventory of biodiversity, identify wetlands of international importance. Prepared RIS of Ramsarfornine sites including Tanguahaor and Hakalukihaor. Facilitate Bangladesh to become party to ramsar convention. Identify important areas of biodiversity in the Surma and kushiara for aquatic life protection

Attend client meetings and assist with determination of project requirements; Assist the PM in the drafting and issuance of project proposals, RFP’s, tenders, budgets; and preliminary schedules ; Prepare project organization and communication charts ; Effectively and accurately communicate relevant project information to the client and project team ; Ensure clients’ needs are met in a timely and cost effective manner ;Review field inspection reports from Consultants throughout the lifecycle of the project ;Issue Contracts, Letters of Intent, Purchase Orders, etc.

EMPLOYER 19    FROM: January 1990       TO: December 1990

RCC/Cairn Energy             Ecologist,IEE/EIA of Gas filed exploration in CHT and at Sea

Conduct baseline ecological survey, assess the potential negative impacts and suggest mitigation measures

Conducting field surveys to collect information about the numbers and distribution of organisms; habitat management and creation; writing reports and issuing recommendations; liaising with and advising site managers, engineers, planners and others associated with a survey; building relationships with stakeholders, including members of the public; carrying out research.

EMPLOYER 20    FROM: January 1986       TO: December 1990

National Bank Limited (NBL)        Officer, Advance Section

Assessed the customer’s eligibility to receive the loan; prepare the documentation

EMPLOYER 21    FROM: January 1984       TO: December 1985

CIBA-GEIGY Bangladesh                Sales Promotion Officer

Managed, developed, and implemented sales promotion policies, programs and initiatives to maximize the profits of the organization's sales. Researches, evaluates and recommends enhancements to the market positioning of the organization's products or services.

EMPLOYER 22    FROM: January 1982       TO: December 1983

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)/IUCN            Research Fellow

Conducted research on wildlife protection population, habitat analysis and prepare management guideline